Vintage Polaroid Land Camera Model 95

The original Polaroid instant camera. Found this vintage beaut at a white elephant sale in Ridgefield this morning for deal: $20. These can sell for upwards of $80, but this one’s going directly into my personal camera museum.


There’s slim hope that I’ll ever produce a photograph from this box, as it takes roll type 42 film that’s very hard to find. And if I do find it, it’s likely 50 years old and well beyond expired.

However, I did some researching into this camera and found that a bunch of folks have modified this model and others similar to use modern pack film, and some have even converted them into 4×5 cameras. Since the novelty of its current condition is what interests me most, I’ll be on the lookout for its intended film.




Anyway, it’s a great find and an awesome historical addition to my collection. Keep an eye out for vintage film, my friends.


–  Kyle

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