Sunday Arts & Style: Wendy Walker, thrilling Stamford author

Out this week in the Stamford Advocate Sunday Arts & Style section,
featuring Wendy Walker and her latest novel, a thriller, ‘All Is Not Forgotten’

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1/365 : The Start of a Year Measured by Images

Self in glass. Kyle Michael King, 2016.
Self in glass. Kyle Michael King, 2016.

1/365 : The Start of a Year Measured by Images

This inaugural post marks the beginning of my 365/Journal, photo-a-day project. For the next year (and perhaps beyond) I have set a goal to capture and post one photograph per day, here, to the blog portion of my website. So I can promise to you, reader, one post a day, everyday, with some unforeseen impositions against the goal, I'm sure, but that's not an excuse, this is a run-on, end it.

A couple of rules need to be laid out for the groundworks of such an ambitious project, and they are:

  1. One image everyday.
  2. The image must be captured on the day for which it's posted.

Simple, but effective.

Well, I'm very excited to see where this open-ended project is going to take me and make me grow, and I hope you enjoy the ride. I can only anticipate the nostalgia I'll have looking back on this post and the year gone by.

Having planned this endeavor for a while now, I've been trying to think of an appropriate image to correspond with the beginning of this year. An elegant sunset maybe. No -- a sunrise! How appropriately cheesy. I decided on a self-portrait, because in the beginning there is just me and a camera, and at the end it will be just the same. But between now and then, I hope a lot will have changed.